Photo by excellent Krista Luoma Photography


Born in 1985, currently working and living in Lapua, Finland.

Laura has been an entrepreneur since she was 18 years old. After being diagnosed with malignant brain cancer at the age of 32, she had to give up her previous life including her career and businesses. As she struggled learning to live with brain damage and chronic migraines while being a mom to her toddler, she started to paint. A long-lost calling of hers turned out to be the best therapy and a way to express her fears and feelings.

In her art, Laura is processing the diversity of life. Her explosive use of colors is becoming a signature of her work, and her still life paintings are anything but still. Her passion for fashion remains, as shown by her figurative paintings sharing her perspective of the industry and its people. There is always a multidimensional story behind every painting.

Laura’s work has been noticed by curators, media outlets, and the public.

Painting has come to be part of her rehabilitation and life. With the support of her family and friends, she is able to focus on time painting, and with that support, she has managed to create something special.

Being grateful for this new change, she thinks it is most important to save her energy in order to be a great mom and passable wife while living a happy life, as long as it lasts.

Laura has great respect for professional artists and art as a profession and wishes to be fit enough to study art history in open enrollment at university soon.

"For me, art presents freedom. I love the feeling of nervousness that comes with never knowing in advance what a painting requires from me to be finished. In front of a blank canvas accompanied only by my ideas of the becoming painting, I feel that I’m most connected to my deeper self. It is soothing and calming to know there is only me and colors that together create something beautiful. To know I have that magic in me."

Portrait above taken by excellent Krista Luoma Photography.